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The UN1T fitness philosophy is built on solidarity. The group trains as one to complete the day’s programme. We’re bringing back team-based workouts to help individuals improve their mental state, physical health and overall well-being.
Our foundational and functional training focuses on building strength and conditioning, muscular endurance, and mobility through high-intensity training in Malta’s finest fitness centre.


We provide members with everything they need to make the improvements they desire by establishing a progressive overload. Our programming is built over a 12-week phase, with every 12 weeks split into 4 weeks of hypertrophy Training, 4 weeks of strength and 4 weeks of power.

The changing program pushes the body to constantly adapt to new stimuli, which leads to results! Not only are our sessions scientifically designed, with a focus on compound lifts, but our group training ethos is always apparent, with members training in pairs or groups to push one another to continue to progress as part of a motivating fitness community.


Our conditioning classes will push members beyond their comfort zones and reach levels they never knew existed! So get comfortable feeling uncomfortable in our conditioning classes. With a strong emphasis on teamwork and working as a UN1T, our classes are designed to get people working beyond their limits for their fellow members!

With a bit of competition thrown in a few times a week, this part of our philosophy helps to build that bond and sense of a fitness community between our members whilst completing intense workout programs like nowhere else.


We understand that being a well-rounded athlete is more than being strong, fast, and persistent. Being able to move freely without stiffness and soreness is just as important. Mobility is essential for preparing the body for what is to come, but it also reduces the risk of injury and improves the range of movement and technique. Therefore, our strength classes include complimentary stretches and exercises to the particular lift and specific mobility sessions and equipment for members to help them become more rounded athletes.


UN1T fitness sessions follow a pattern of Monday, Wednesday, and Friday being strength days, Tuesday and Thursday being team-based conditioning, and Saturday and Sunday being hybrid sessions that bring together the best of both worlds. UN1T’s 26 unique session structures follow a 12-week phased training program of hypertrophy, strength and power. This cycle repeats constantly to maximise performance.


Test your 5-rep max! It also works as a regular strength class for those not interested in testing their rep max.


Complete the number of reps per exercise within the given time, and your allegiance will only get stronger.


Work in teams to complete a series of movements as quickly as possible. Push through 3 rounds before earning a break!


Time to BU1LD that lean muscle! A Hypertrophy session that focuses on overloading a single muscle group at a time.


COMB1NE will test and set our members up for their 12-week training block. Strength and conditioning!


A full-body superset strength session designed to maximise your working time during the class and your progression.


A group strength session that has it all, from heavy lifts, heart-racing cardio and that competitive edge!


A challenging strength class that combines compound lifts with supersets to get a full body session in.


A conditioning class where each member will ELECT the session’s intensity, between a range of calorie and rep targets


Prepare to ENDURE! Exert yourself for longer and deal with a difficult situation without giving in!


ENG1NE brings together larger teams to work as a UN1T within each class to compete and encourage one another.


Experience our twist on the classic Tabata workout to form their entity with their teammates around them.


A new strength class is coming to UN1T. We’ll provide more info here very soon!


Unleash your inner FURY and strength in this hybrid class that combines heavy compound lifts with high-intensity conditioning.


A hybrid training session that combines strength and cardio elements for a suitably savage but rewarding session.


A strategic blend of time on each exercise will increase your heart rate and force you to speed up when you think of slowing down.


Three strength exercises. Compound superset lifts, one push and one pull movement, and accessory and isolation work.


Fatigue your muscle group through overloading. A science-based workout for a quick and sustainable route to fat loss!


Our Saturday Team Conditioning Class. Work in teams to develop the best strategy to take on a chipper of exercises.


A conditioning session that focuses on developing different energy systems in different phases.


A strength/power class that utilises the strength built during the previous phase to increase your power output.


Personal Best classes combine strong compound lifts and HIIT training, helping members achieve their best lifts.


A cardio session where you must first work individually, then as part of a team, to score as many points as possible!


Score high as you climb. Scaling the R1DGE and getting back down with your partner is your goal in this cardio class.


A competitive conditioning class where you will work with a partner to score as many points through repetitions or calories.


With 30 seconds per exercise to complete, this cardio frenzy is all about pushing way out of your comfort zone!


A class to lift heavy without the rush! Each UN1T will give you the time to aim for 4 SETs per compound lift.


Squad is tactical and competitive, demanding communication, hard work, and encouragement from your team.


A volume-packed class that works multiple muscle groups over numerous sets, targeting specific muscle groups.


Push your body through by working on strength, power, and endurance. Combine big compound lifts and power AMRAPS!


Set your TARGET, then try to maintain or beat them as you take on this Hybrid class, combining cardio and strength!


Hit that TEMPO, lift heavy, and build your power—four sets per compound lift followed by a complementary Power exercise.


Alternating between strength and conditioning, hit the same amount of reps/calories on the same weights for each exercise.


Join our global fitness race! Members from all around the world will compete individually OR in pairs in the same exercise format.


TR1 is about causing the overload effect required in hypertrophy training through a series of 3 exercises.


A circuit with a competitive twist! This is a team-based workout that is different for everyone in the class.


A new take on our classic TROOPER team circuit class. Two teams battle it out against each other in two mini TROOPER circuits.


ZONE will test your cardio stamina, endurance, power, and, more importantly, mental strength.

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