Are you ready to take your health and wellness to the next level?


It’s 12 weeks of consistent training, performance-based goals, mindful nutrition, and a sharp focus on you and your fitness. Members will check in with UN1T trainers throughout the duration of the project to discuss fitness goals.


The project is a learning and growing experience. By training 4-5 times per week, you will increase your fitness and receive all the necessary tools and information to fuel your body for your performance and aesthetic goals in the long term.


Strength and conditioning, muscular endurance, and mobility through our high-intensity training program.


4 weeks focus on building lean muscle


4 weeks focus on increasing strength


4 weeks focus on speed and strength, resulting in power

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Inbody Scans

A tailored nutrition plan and and InBody Scans to assess your progress.

PROJECT will include regular consultations with our Nutritionist, InBody Scans, regular Coach check-ins, exclusive weekly challenges, COMB1NE testing at the start and end of the cycle

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UN1T’s high-quality trainers are there throughout the project, keeping you on track with your goals. The personalised coaching approach combined with high-end group classes ensures everyone reaches their full potential.
Additionally, we provide tailored calorie targets and macronutrient breakdowns to fuel your progress, giving you the tools to realise your fitness aspirations. Take your opportunity to follow a structured training plan to better understand your body.
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