Measurable, healthy fitness goals start here

Real-world fitness - functional strength and conditioning.

A premium, class-based, personalised fitness programme.

Scientifically designed by health professionals around the world.

A highly-rated international franchise.

Cooperative, collaborative, and encouraging environment.

World-class certified coaches.

Good for your body means good for your mind.

A body that performs at its best is the only way to a mind that pushes through all limits.

UN1T is scientifically designed to deliver functional strength and metabolic conditioning. This means that it works on all the systems that your body needs to perform at its best, even in day-to-day activities.

There is an athlete in every one of us.

UN1T is the right environment to help everyone break through their barriers and be all they can be. This should be fun! Classes are accessible, sometimes competitive, and often team-based.

We train as one so that we all gain healthier minds, healthier bodies, and the knowledge we need to get into healthy habits for lasting results.

Why UN1T works for those that love it.

How to start your journey

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